The continuous lure of pediatric radiology
Peter Strouse, Erin K Romberg, Delma Y Jarrett, Jonathan R Dillman, Daniel A Dessner, Janet R Reid, Sarah S Milla, Richard E Heller, Michael Dipietro
Initial response of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology and Society for Pediatric Radiology to the Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services’ document on the triad of shaken baby syndrome
Amaka C Offiah, Sabah Servaes, Catherine S Adamsbaum, Maria I Argyropoulou, Katharine E Halliday, Tim Jaspan, Catherine M Owens, Maria Raissaki, Karen Rosendahl, Neil Stoodley, Rick R Van Rijn, Michael J Callahan, Taylor Chung, James S Donaldson, Diego Jaramillo, Thomas L Slovis, Peter Strouse
ACR Appropriateness Criteria Fever Without Source or Unknown Origin—Child
Panel on Pediatric Imaging, Sjirk J Westra, Boaz K Karmazyn, Adina L Alazraki, Molly E Dempsey, Jonathan R Dillman, Matthew Garber, Sheila G Moore, Molly E Raske, Henry E Rice, Cynthia K Rigsby, Nabile Safdar, Stephen F Simoneaux, Peter Strouse, Andrew T Trout, Sandra L Wootton-Gorges, Brian D Coley
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